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Choices and Consequences Series

Post-apocalyptic paranormal romantic fantasy

Book Covers

All the covers are original oil paintings by Oliver Pengilley. You can see more of his work on his website at, or purchase items from his Etsy shop. All the covers feature the two main characters, Leonie and Prospero, also known as Perry. You can find out more about them here.


This is an image of the original oil painting done for the cover of Strand of Faith. For the paperback editions it wraps around to form the back cover too.  Once the painting was complete, the artist worked with a digital image to add the title and other elements of the cover.

No spoilers, but note the necklace that Leonie is wearing.  It's formed of silver crossed keys.  The crossed keys is the symbol of St Peter, and they represent the keys to the gates of heaven.  In this book they are the logo of the Great House St Peter. The central sapphire is very important too, but you'll have to read Thread of Hope to find out why and how.

You can find out more about the Great House St Peter here


This is the cover for Thread of Hope. Each book has a colour theme which relates to one of the Great Houses and to elements in the story. Strand of Faith is blue, the signature colour of Great House St Peter, with blue also signifiying safety and salvation. Thread of Hope is red, the signature colour of Great House Lindum, and red also signifies love and passion.

You can see more of Ollie's work on his website, or follow him on twitter and facebook. No spoilers, but notice Leonie's necklace, given to her by Abbot Gabriel for Christmas in Strand of Faith. Its secret is revealed in Thread of Hope. And that bracelet she's wearing - that's very important, too.


This is the image for Weave of Love. Here the key colour is green - the signature colour of Great House Tennant which is where most of this book takes place. Green represents peace, security and family.

In this book Perry has to face up to a lot of his past issues which is why he is looking so serious. Leonie is a little less involved.

You can't tell clearly on this image, but it is significant that Leonie is not wearing her necklace. If you've read Thread of Hope you may have some idea why, but you'll find out more in Weave of Love.


And finally, the cover for Cloth of Grace. This cover is triumphant as we come to the conclusion of the series. To find out what that conclusion is, you'll have to read the book!

Leonie has her necklace back, but if you study it closely you'll see it's not quite the same as on Strand of Faith or Thread of Hope. Now it contains not only sapphire, but also diamond, emerald, ruby and turquoise. There are good reasons for that, all revealed in Cloth of Grace.

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