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Post-apocalyptic paranormal romantic fantasy

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31st May 2019

May is all but over already - where did the time go? Of course, with the publication of Thread of Hope it was always going to be a busy month for me. Publication day was great, the blog tour was fun (find all the links here - I did some guest blogs about the Choices and Consequences world) - and sales have been excellent. Thank you to everyone for their support. Now I'm into sorting out book 3, Weave of Love, ready for publication in October.

In the meantime, I've been catching up with my own reading - so what have I been reading this month? (If they tempt you, clicking on the blue text will take you to the Amazon Kindle page for that book).

Frederica - Georgette Heyer : You know where you are with Georgette Heyer, don't you? Light, entertaining historical romance, escapism pure and simple. And sometimes that's just what you need, something feelgood that doesn't tax your brain and encourages you to relax.

Shrill Dusk - Helen Harper : This is much higher fantasy than I write, with any number of magical beings. It's a spin off from her Fractured Frogs series, set in a Manchester that's be doused in magic and isolated from the rest of the country. A good story, well written as Helen's books always are, with strong female characters. But you probably need to have read the previous series to really follow what is going on. I kept wanting to go back to that to remind myself.

Great Falls Academy Parts 1 & 2 - Alex Lidell : This is also a spin off series, from Alex's Power of Five series. She's writing this book in episodes, set a few weeks apart, a bit like a TV series, which is an interesting concept. It's high fantasy again and be warned, it's reverse harem (one women, several men) which means the sex is quite a lot more graphic than I would normally read. I read the original series to find out what reverse harem was - and some are just about the sex - but this one has a really captivating story and characters as well. And whilst the relationship pattern may not be what we would consider normal, it is a very committed, loving and permanent relationship.

Good Omens - Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman : I first read this last century (!) so more than twenty years ago. This month I re-read it in preparation for the TV series that is about to release. It's just as good as it ever was and just as funny. Some people feel it pokes fun at religion - but I thinik it's really about people being human, and how we are all affected by everything and everyone around us.

A SEAL's Oath - Cora Seaton : So this looks like a typical Mills and Boon type second chance romance. Childhood sweethearts are separated on bad terms, each grow up, meet again later under unusual circumstances. You know they are going to fall for each other again, face some arguments and obstacles and then live happily every after. And yes, this book has all that. What makes it interesting is that it also has a Pride and Predjudice/Regency theme, an environmentally sustainable living one, and it points out that we should also take time to enjoy life.

Inceptio - Alison Morton : I've just started this, which is first in a series. It's contemporary but set in an alternative history. I know there's a strong Roman cultural (brought up to the 21st Century) influence and strong female characters, but I've not got much further than that yet. If you want to try it you can get it free by signing up to Alison's newsletter here.

What have you been reading? 

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30th April 2019

Well, it's the end of April and the beginning of May brings the publication of Thread of Hope! I can't believe I have a second book about to be published. There's a blog tour for Thread of Hope which you can follow - find all the links here. And do follow along - there will be extracts, guest blogs and Q&A sessions to keep you entertained.

I've found it tricky to keep up with a weekly blog, so I've decided to amalgamate my personal blog and my blog of the week on this page.  If you want to see previous blogs, you can find them here. I'm going to aim to blog every couple of weeks and send my blog out to my newsletter subscribers. If you'd like to have this delivered to your inbox, you can subscribe here.

My busy-ness is at least partly self inflicted. I mean, I chose to launch Thread of Hope just after Easter, which is our busiest time of year anyway. And I chose to take on two new contracts in my day job (but they looked so interesting, and so much fun...) Of course, I didn't choose for my car to break down. We were on holiday (lovely week in Yorkshire, by the way) and it started displaying warning lights. The RAC told us we were safe enough to keep on driving for now but to take it to the garage when we got home. So we did. We took it in one Monday. It took the garage until Tuesday to confirm what was wrong, Wednesday to wait for the parts, all of Thursday and some of Friday to fix it. It rather threw me to be without a car for the best part of a week, especially as public transport is a little limited round here. But it's back now, and driving much better - and at 120,000 miles I suppose I should expect some trouble.

But I'm really excited about the busy-ness that will follow along with the publication of Thread of Hope. To celebrate, I've set the ebook price for Strand of Faith at 99p/99c for the whole of May, so if you haven't got it for your Kindle or other ebook reader already, grab it now. You can find all the purchase links here.

Happy reading.

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