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Choices and Consequences Series

Post-apocalyptic paranormal romantic fantasy

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Houses and People of the Choices and Consequences Series

To find out about the different Great Houses, and the people who live in them, click here.

The Blog Tour for Thread of Hope was great - I'm sad it's over! But you can still follow along and read all the extracts, question and answer sessions and the excellent reviews here...


Cover Reveal for Thread of Hope

The formal cover reveal for Thread of Hope takes place on 15th February 2019, with a comprehensive blog tour.  Follow me on twitter @racheljbonner1 to join with us.

Publication day is 2nd May 2019 and there will be an eight day blog tour to celebrate, with reviews, extracts, question and answer sessions and I'll be doing some guest posts.

As with Strand of Faith, the cover for Thread of Hope has been designed by the very talented Oliver Pengilley.

You can see more of Ollie's work on his website, or follow him on twitter and facebook.  No spoilers, but notice Leonie's necklace, given to her by Abbot Gabriel for Christmas in Strand of Faith. Its secret is revealed in Thread of Hope. And that bracelet she's wearing - that's very important, too.


Prospero  Tall, dark and handsome - Prospero is about 6ft 2 in tall, dark in colouring with black hair.  His eyes are dark blue, so dark they are almost navy.  Leonie finds them mesmerising.  Prospero was pretty wild in his late teens, drinking and sleeping around, but he's been a monk for some years now which he finds comforting and fulfilling.  He works as a doctor but in his spare time he also works in the Abbey gardens and sings in the monks' choir. He's a very Gifted adept and although telekinesis is his strongest skill he's also a telepath and particularly good at perceiving where others are over several miles despite not being able to see them.

Leonie  Leonie's about 5ft 4in tall, with flaming red hair that curls in ringlets when it's long enough and tangles at the slightest opportunity. Her eyes are deep grey but flash with green when she's angry, excited or just enjoying herself. She's very Gifted at telepathy and telekinesis, and even better than Prospero at perceiving where other are. She's also good at pyrokinesis - setting fire to things. Leonie loves baking, particularly bread making and works in the Abbey kitchens when she's not studying. Whenever she gets free time she likes to swim or to find somewhere to curl up with a good book.  


Author Bio

Getting a degree in engineering, followed by a career in accountancy is probably not a conventional path to becoming an author, particularly in fantasy or romance.

Rachel says that, although accountancy isn’t anything like as boring as everyone thinks, writing is a lot more fun. When not writing, she can be found walking in the beautiful countryside near where she lives, which has influenced much of the scenery in her books, or shooting things with her local archery club. Shooting targets only, honest. Nothing to worry about. (Okay, sometimes we shoot Polo mints. Or cabbages. Still nothing to worry about.)

She also enjoys swimming, eating chocolate chip cookies and growing aromatic herbs, especially thyme and rosemary. It’s no coincidence that her heroine likes the same things.

The blog tour for Strand of Faith ran from 15th November for eight days.  There were some fantastic reviews and you can see the highlights here


This is an image of the original oil painting done for the cover of Strand of Faith. For the paperback editions it wraps around to form the back cover too.  Once the painting was complete, the artist worked with a digital image to add the title and other elements of the cover.

No spoilers, but note the necklace that Leonie is wearing.  It's formed of silver crossed keys.  The crossed keys is the symbol of St Peter, and they represent the keys to the gates of heaven.  In this book they are the logo of the Great House St Peter.  The central sapphire is very important too, but you'll have to wait for book 2 to find out why and how.

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