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  • Reedsy - for indie authors looking for support. Reedsy can put you in touch with editors, marketeers, cover designers - anyone you might need to make your book the best it can be. I found my editor here, and she's amazing.
  • Mailerlite - Mailing service management. Like Mailchimp, only better. Incredibly easy to use and very friendly and helpful.
  • Krystal - a great place for web and email hosting, and an environmentally friendly option too, with excellent support. Full disclosure, if you sign up through this link, I'll get money back and so will you.
  • Story Origin - a place for authors to find beta readers, build their email lists, manage their email campaigns, find reviewers and provide reader magnets - and at the time of writing - it's free.
  • BookCave - another great place to build your email list, join a group promo and provide your reader magnet.
  • Kindleprenuer - a great place to learn about the whole process of book marketing and selling more books.
  • Sarah - my editor, absolutely amazing, highly recommended, check out her website
  • Oliver Pengilley - amazing art work. Buy at his Etsy shop, or commission him for your own paintings or events.
  • Cultpens - They sell pens. The widest range of pens and pencils on the planet. Also ink. And other things. Try not to get too carried away on their website. And do sign up for their newsletter, it's very entertaining.
  • Prolific Works - Another place for readers to find free books and samples. And for authors to find readers. There's an extended sample of Strand of Faith available here.
  • BookBub - Also a place for readers to find free and discounted books. And for authors to find readers.
  • Mobirise - For making websites.  It's what I use and it's really easy. And free.
  • Readers in the Know - Another place for readers to find books and for authors to find readers. 
  • Authors AXP - giveaways and book deals for readers, great promo opportunities for authors
  • Bookraid - a book promotion website
  • Blogging Options - now I use Mobirise for my site (see above) and send out my blogs with my newsletter (sign up here), but if you are thinking of starting a blog, here's an article on some options

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