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Reviews for Thread of Hope

Choices and Consequences Series

Post-apocalyptic paranormal romantic fantasy

Reviews for Thread of Hope

  • Radzy Writes : If you were a fan of the first novel, this will make you happy. The pacing complimented the plot, which was self-contained and a wonderful next step for the natural progression of the story. I hope the author continues developing and exploring the world, she has the fundamentals for a saga on her hands.
  • In De Boekenkast : An intriguing second book in this surprising series. The end is so thrilling I want to read the next book. 
  •  The Bookwormery This is a story of faith, god and fantasy all mixed into a beautifully written tale of love and consequences of our actions….one that will stay with you… 
  • donnasbookblog : The author has a lovely writing style and she really brought this story to life for me. A really well written story that has a lovely flow to it and a great plot line.
  • Writing with Wolves : I was enveloped by the magic of this world The whole book was super unpredictable & the writing was, yet again, really easy to fall into. 
  •  Jessica BelmontRachel Bonner did not disappoint with this sequel. The character development is fantastic. The plot was intricate and absorbing. I wanted more. 
  •  Jess Bookish LifeI love how the characters are developing and how the relationships, interactions and all the secrets are connecting and proving to be even more important to the all underlining of the story and plot. An exciting, interesting, thought-provoking, emotional journey. 
  • Becca's Books : An interesting post-apocalyptic universe…with plenty of intriguing characters. 
  • Cheryl M-M's Book Blog : Interesting ideas, clear creativity and a vivid imagination. I think Bonner likes to leave readers teetering on the top of the abyss.
  • JBronder Book Reviews : This is an amazing sequel that ends quite abruptly. Now I have to impatiently wait for the next book. This is a great series and one to check out.

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