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Choices and Consequences Series

Post-apocalyptic paranormal romantic fantasy

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Blog of the Week 11th March 2019
From my Personal Blog

For the last two weeks I've been busy editing Thread of Hope. I have an excellent editor, Sarah, that I found through Reedsy's services. She knows just how to nudge and encourage me into making it a better book. Now it's back with her for another couple of weeks and final edits and then, at the beginning of April, I'll have the final text done. As you can see, the cover is here and I think it's gorgeous. Publication day, 2nd May, will be with us soon!

I'm already thinking about the cover for book 3, Weave of Love, which is due out in October and I'm busy redrafting the text. The only clue I'm giving you is that I think the dominant colour for the cover will be green.

I'm starting a new page on this site - Useful Links - which I will add to bit by bit as I discover the ones that work for me. They will include ones for authors, but also interesting blogs, and sites that I like and enjoy. Have a look - you might find something that interests you - and remember to keep coming back because I'll keep adding to it.


Strand of Faith is still on sale at 99p here if you haven't read it yet. Or get a free extended sample by signing up to my newsletter - try before you buy with no risk! And if you'd like to try a range of other free samples and books, try here for Clean Fantasy Reads and here for Paranormal Sci Fi Fantasy. But don't delay because these are limited time offers.

In the meantime, here's an extract from Thread of Hope. If you subscribe to my newsletter and my blog of the week (just check both boxes on the form) you'll get these sneak peeks first.

I pulled my hood up in case anyone noticed my hair, and I found a bench to sit on in the central plaza while I thought things through again. My plan had been to steal anything I might need and then catch a train out of here just as fast as I could. That would get me out of the range that Perry could search. I knew now that I couldn’t do that. 

As I sat there, I realised the real problem was that I didn’t actually want to leave. Even if I couldn’t have him, Perry was where I belonged, the place I fitted, where I was safe. I needed to know where he was, how he was, that he was okay. And this Great House, these people I’d been with for months now, they were the closest I’d ever felt to having a family. I knew Perry had left his birth family and I’d not been able to understand it. Now I was beginning to comprehend that there could be reasons, circumstances under which that was the only option. But he always knew the right thing to do, he was strong and brave and I wasn’t. I didn’t think I had the strength or courage to walk away from what had been offered me, but nor could I take it up.

Unable to leave, and unable to stay, I sat there on the bench, arms around my knees, paralysed by indecision.

Blog of the Week 4th March 2019

Housework - first published on B for Bookreview

I don’t like doing housework and I’m sure I’m not alone. But I know people who enjoy it, and I’m told that if you’re being paid to do it for someone else it can be very satisfying. I enjoy doing the laundry and the ironing, yet my husband will agree to doing almost any other domestic task just to avoid that. (Early in our marriage he agreed to do all the washing up. Somehow we bought a dishwasher within a week!) Anyway, my point is that any household has a range of domestic chores that need to be done and different people like or dislike different jobs.

When I started creating the environment in which my main characters lived, I wanted it to be a place where, if I lived there, I wouldn’t have to do the chores I don’t like (it’s my world, after all). Strand of Faith is set in the Great House St Peter, which is the home of the High Lord, Abbot Lord Gabriel, who effectively rules the whole territory of House St Peter. The community includes the monks and nuns who live in the monastery and the immediate household of the High Lord.
They also run a college, hospital and extensive farms with any number of people who attend or work at these, but those people aren’t part of the household. Those people might eat with the household, or live under its roof, as many of the students do, but they aren’t committed to it in the same way that household members are.

Everyone who is part of the household has their everyday needs – accommodation, food, clothing etc – provided. But they all have to contribute to the household too, not only in what we would call ‘the day job’ but also in the domestic chores necessary for the household to function. Andrew, one of the monks, explains it to Leonie (Lord Gabriel’s new ward) one day when he, she and Brother Prospero are in the gardens.

Andrew was amused by Leonie’s surprise at Prospero’s detailed knowledge of the wide range of flowers and greenery used to decorate hospital, House and Abbey.

“While everyone in the House has a job – you’re a student, we’re doctors, Pedro’s the chef,” he said. “We’ve all got a domestic role, too, to keep everything functioning. You work in the kitchens, I work in the stables, but Prospero works in the gardens, so naturally he knows about the plants.”

Leonie frowned. “How can the kitchen be Pedro’s job and my domestic role? Aren’t they different things?”

Andrew agreed, “Yes, they are different. But everywhere, gardens, kitchen, stables, the workers will be a mix of those for whom it’s their job and those for whom it’s their domestic role. But those for whom it’s their job tend to be more senior, and in charge in each area.”

That satisfied her and she went charging off to look at another plant that had caught her eye.

I’d be happy to work in the kitchen, laundry or gardens – just so long as I don’t have to do the cleaning!

I’ve very much enjoyed creating this world – I hope you enjoy reading about it too. If you do, let me know on Twitter or Facebook, or leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads – or both. Thank you.

Blog of the Week 25th February 2019
An Introduction to Some Characters - first published on Audio Killed the Bookmark

I thought I’d take this opportunity to introduce you to some of the main characters in Strand of Faith.

First there’s Prospero
He’s about 6ft 2in tall with short black hair and deep blue eyes, so dark they are almost navy in colour. He’s been a monk for some years now and he finds that both satisfying and fulfilling. He comes across as confident, sure of himself and strong in his faith. He works as a doctor and enjoys everyday clinic work best, just making other people’s lives that little bit better. Like all the doctors where he works he has a specialism. In this environment about a quarter of the population have some degree of mental ability such as telepathy or telekinesis. Prospero’s specialism is dealing with what happens when something goes wrong with that ability. 

Prospero himself is very Gifted with such mental abilities. He’s strongest at telekinesis – moving things with his mind – but he’s also skilled in telepathy and teleportation. He doesn’t have any real ability with pyrokinesis (setting fire to things) and just a very little skill in precognition. 

He doesn’t think he has a favourite colour, but if he had to pick, he’d say green. He sees food as fuel and will eat whatever is on offer although he’d definitely miss bacon if it wasn’t available. As well as being a doctor, Prospero works in the gardens at the monastery, mainly with the flowers and foliage used for decorating the monastery, hospital and Abbey. As a result he’d say that one of his hobbies is flower arranging. He’s also interested in social and cultural history – where various customs and traditions come from and what they mean.

Prospero’s closest friend is Andrew.
Andrew is also a monk. In fact, they’ve been monks for almost exactly the same length of time, although they were already close friends before that. Andrew is slightly shorter than Prospero and fair where Prospero is dark. He’s quiet and thoughtful, which makes many people think that Prospero is the leader and Andrew just follows him around. Actually, their relationship is much more complex than that.

Andrew is also a doctor and he specialises in the development of the mental gifts, which makes the two of them a very useful team. Andrew is also very Gifted himself. He’s not as good at telekinesis or telepathy as Prospero but much better at pyrokinesis. 

Andrew helps out in the stables and he’s good with horses – he’s been looking after them all his life. He’s also skilled with languages, being fluent in most of the common ones in use in the world.

Their world is going to be disrupted by Leonie.
Leonie is a lot of trouble wrapped up in one small package. She’s about 5ft 4in tall, with flaming red hair which curls and tangles at the slightest opportunity. She has honey coloured skin and dark grey eyes which flash with green when she’s excited, angry or simply using her Gifts. Although she doesn’t realise it, she’s more Gifted than either of the other two.  

She’s a very private person and life has taught her that it’s best to keep out of the way and try not to be noticed. The problem is that she’s inherently noticeable. She hasn’t yet learnt to manage her Gifts under all circumstances and the thought that she might hurt someone by accident really worries her.

Her favourite colour is yellow and she can’t stand scarlet. She has a very sweet tooth and a particular liking for chocolate chip cookies. Her favourite breakfast is pancakes and bacon with lots of maple syrup. Leonie loves baking, particularly bread, and experimenting with different recipes. She’s also skilled in the use of herbs for medicinal purposes. She enjoys swimming but her favourite hobby is reading. Given the opportunity she’ll curl up somewhere comfortable with a good book.

I’ve enjoyed writing about these three and many others in Strand of Faith – I hope you enjoy reading about them just as much. If you do, let me know on Twitter or Facebook, or leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads – or both. Thank you.

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